Monday, January 4, 2010

PS3 Fandom

So, I had ordered a 250gb hard drive for my PS3 and apparently 3 day shipping means a week and a half but now that time has passed!

The screws on the original Hard Drive's carriage were nigh immovable, so I actually went to the nearby computer repair shop and he had a better screwdriver, I suppose. Once I put in the hard drive, I transfered all of my saved data, which took a minute or two. But nothing compares to the amount of time it's taking to sync my trophies. It's kind of killing me, because whilst writing that last sentence, my DVD drive popped open on my computer. The DVD for installing Linux finally finished. I'm fairly certain Ragnarok will come and the great Fenrir will devour the Terrible One, Odin, before my trophies are done. Guess I'll just watch Buffy tribute videos till then.

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