Friday, February 12, 2010

Please, talk about Heavy Rain

Proper word of mouth is going to be terribly important for this game. A commercial says "Get ready for the most innovative game of all time" and you thing, "Cool, neater ways to kill people." But if a friend says, "This game is amazing but please be prepared for a completely different way to enjoy a video game. This is NOT an action game," and whatever qualifiers one decides to throw in there. I encourage everyone with some pull (a consistent and popular blog, cubic ass-ton of Twitter followers and Facebook friends, BFFs with someone popular like Felicia Day or Tycho) to help get the word out that this game is different.

The worse thing that can and will happen with Heavy Rain is that someone will tell a pal, "Heavy Rain is **bleep** amazing! Buy now!" and then this other nerd spends $60 dollars and gets something he never expected. Next thing you know, he's telling everyone he knows how pissed he is that this $60 game is crap and GameStop will only give him $20 for it and no one should buy it and it's garbage and arggghhh! And his negative comments spread like an internet rumor that Megan Fox gets nekkid in that kid's movie (I'm going to start spreading that rumor, BTW).

Fun fact: Apparently many people expect Heavy Rain to be an intense, hardcore shooter. They will hate this game, because American's can never accept the unexpected.

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